Activated Carbon Block Filters (1/2 Case-3 filters)

Activated Carbon extruded block filter elements with 5 micron filtration  (1/2 Case-3 filters)

This Extruded Block Activated Carbon Filter fits not only our standard fresh water flush fitler housings, but all other standard 10” filter housings used in other RO systems for fresh water flushing. Element diameter 2.50” Element length 10".  These are great element for your whole boat filtration system as well with NSF certification.


  • 5,000 gallon capacity at 99% removal of 2ppm Chlorine
  • Flow rate of 1.0GPM
  • Made with premeium quality coconut shell activated carbon
  • 5 micron filtration
  • Fits all standard 10" filter housing
  • Individually wrapped
  • element measured 10" x 2.5"


Activated Carbon Block Filters (1/2 Case-3 filters)
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  • Item #: SC0006
  • Manufacturer: Cruise RO Water and Power
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Price $30.00

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